Sunday Morning:
  • 8:45 am – Coffee and Fellowship Time in the Fellowship Hall.
  • 9:20 am – Sunday School: There are classes for all ages. A greeter can direct you to a class of your choice.
  • 10:00 am – Worship Service: Music, readings, prayer, and sermons from the Word of God draw us closer to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Celebrating 200+ Years of God's Faithfulness. 

Hello and Welcome to Lost Creek Mennonite Church! Whether you are a first time, or returning visitor we welcome you to our Fellowship of Believers,  worshiping God and living out what it means to be forgiven daughters and sons of our Heavenly Father, who from before the beginning of time, designed us to be his people and He our God. We are part of His design (not ours) which he so clearly set forth in the life teachings of his Son Jesus  and the Biblical story.  We embrace his love story to us, finding ourselves in all the accounts of God therein, attempting to reach us from Genesis to Revelation and turn us from our self-seeking pursuit, and to choose instead to give up our own identity and find it as His forgiven Kingdom daughters to follow Him.

If you are seeking to find peace with God from an experience of being lost, running away or  that emptiness without Him and the residual lack of meaning in life without God, would you consider visiting us or reaching out to one of us, and allow God to draw you and speak into your life experience. It would be a joy for us to help you find reconciliation and peace with God, the very thing He is has been pursuing with you.  As a community of Christ’s followers we enjoy God’s blessings and want to share with you what we have received and learned in our journey with the Lord.  Each of our journeys are unique with challenges and victories, but as we walk in the light as Jesus does with his Dad, and “do life together” the blood of Christ Jesus will wash away all our sins. That very life- saving/life-giving blood flows through us at LC like a “Creek” and is “Lost” downstream. Come hang out and swim with us at LC ……warning “you will get wet”!  Pastor Keith
Lost Creek Mennonite Church is a part of the Lancaster Mennonite Conference. www.lancasterconference.org

Lost Creek Mennonite Church supports both local and international missions by way of tithes, services, fundraisers, trips, and prayers. Youth and Young Adult mission trips are an annual highlight for the congregation.

"Earliest historical record states that a church building was erected in 1819, by Mennonite settlers. Today, there is only a slight depression left in the ground nearby, showing evidence of that first building. The congregation built a new building in 1867. This structure was enlarged and remodeled by 1962. A large addition was added in 1990, for a new sanctuary and fellowship hall. Extensive remodeling was done in the existing structure, making it into classrooms, offices , a nursery and a library. The first Sunday school session was held on April 9, 1893. In August 1941, Summer Bible School was held for the first time."